Wills and Estates

Houston Attorney Stephen C. Estes has helped hundreds of families avoid the probate process and prepare for unforeseen illness and injury. With proper planning, you (not the State) make these decisions:

  • The guardian of your minor children;
  • How your estate will be distributed and who will administer it;
  • Your wishes regarding your property.

Estate Planning Options

Estate planning options include living trusts, testamentary trusts, wills, asset protection, general durable powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney – all coupled, where appropriate, with a living will.


A well-designed trust not only saves you money and taxes, it saves your survivors many hours and entanglements.  It can also provide a means for a trustee to take over control of the trust during your lifetime, according to your wishes.


The division of your estate without your specific instructions can cause your family pain and conflict. A will gives you control over how your estate will be divided without leaving your family guessing.

Even with a will, your estate must still go through probate.

There are ways of legally avoiding probate.  Call and let us guide you through this complicated process.  Once we have your estate plan set up, you can relax, knowing that the contingencies are covered.