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Houston Commercial Litigation Lawyer

A Houston Commercial Litigation Attorney Protecting Your Business Interests

Business transactions involve a high volume of documents and complex contractual language. Resolving disputes involves an attorney who is experienced in handling commercial litigation cases and creative in finding a middle ground between two parties involved in a contentious dispute.

At the law offices of Stephen C. Estes, P.C., our founder has helped Texas-area businesses involved in disputes with financiers and competitors. As a business owner, he understands the challenges you face on a daily basis. You need to focus on business operations. We handle all the legal aspects and fight for the best outcome.

If your business is the victim of fraud or unfair competitive practices that threaten your company’s future, contact us at 713-688-5999 or toll free at 888-222-8445.

With So Much at Stake, Contact a Texas Breach of Contract Claim Lawyer

Stephen C. Estes, the founder of our law firm, will aggressively protect your business interests when another party breaches a contract with you. He has also worked with lending institutions facing allegations of lender liability and fraud. Our founder has also found himself on both sides of the courtroom in cases involving fraudulent commercial notes.

In addition to complex commercial litigation, we help businesses in need of collections assistance. We work hard to secure the money they are entitled to through aggressive, yet legal collection tactics.

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